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Clair's hair color is light blue and her hair is always noted to be tied up in a yellow ponytail. She has bangs that split around her eyes like one narrow clump right in the middle. Her ears are covered by her short hair which sticks outwards on both sides.

Clair has piercing blue eyes shaped triangular. The upward slant of her eyes makes her look more mature and exotic feeling. This gives Clair more of a mysterious type of person. During a Pokemon battle, her eyes show more determination and confidence. Her skin is pale white in color. When it comes to beauty, she does not need any makeup at all.

Clair wears a black choker with a big pearl in the center just like Dragonair. Clair's most noticeable feature is that most of her attire is mainly in blue color such as her outfit, gloves and boots except her cape. She has a pair of yellow earrings which resembles a dragon's fang. She wears a short coated gloves with dark rings around her wrists. Clair's blue chunky heel knee high boots also has two dark rings around it located below her knees. Her cape is colored in black which drape down behind her thighs in the anime, but is longer down to her ankles in-game. She also has a shoulderpad shaped like a dragon's fang that attaches to her outfit. Being she wears a blue biketard, her figure is very prominent. However, her outfit in general is mocked by some characters in-game.


NAMEClair (Ibuki)
HOMETOWNBlackthorn City
FAMILYLance (cousin), Dragon Clan Elder (grandfather)
GAME DEBUTGold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Pokémon Stadium 2, Black White
TRAINER CLASSGym Leader, Dragon Tamer
GYM TITLE The Blessed User of Dragon Pokémon


Below are the people who she was associated in through the game, manga or anime.


Clair has a long and unforgettable past that seems to be explained in the manga. When she and Lance were 10, the two got to raise their own Dratini. In addition, Lance got her a Horsea because it was her birthday and they decided to have a battle afterward. Clair wins pretty easily the first time so their grandfather trains Lance after hearing his loss.

The next time they meet is when the two are 16. Lance has gotten stronger and is prepared to challenge Clair again. This time, though, he defeats her because his Dratini has evolved into a Dragonair. After her defeat, Clair seeks training immediately. Her grandfather does nothing but gives her a Dragon Scale. Knowing that when her Seadra is exposed to the item, she evolves into a Kingdra. The morning after, the family calls up Clair to become the new Blackthorn City gym leader. She states that Lance is much better at that position, but he chose to become the League Champion instead. Clair in the end accepts her new role as gym leader.

Dragon Clan Elder

Clair is the granddaughter of the leader of the Dragon Tamer Clan, the Master/Grandmaster. Both Lance and Clair are capable battlers who also specialize Dragon-type Pokémon. Sometimes, they will come to the cave and visit their relative.

The Elder, as he is known in the English editions of Pokémon Adventures manga, makes a visit with Clair in order to train her to be stronger. He was later revealed to have invited Drayden over to Blackthorn City in order to train Iris for the same reason.


It was briefly stated in the anime that Liza and Clair were childhood friends. When Liza met Ash, she knew he had a Charizard so she decided to ask him, Brock and Misty if they would like to see the Charicific Valley. She also looks after Ash's Charizard when he left it there for training. She appeared for three episodes after this to help Clair stop the Dragonite from destroying the Dragon's Den and later watches the gym battle between Clair and Ash for the Rising Badge.

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